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A book for police officers about PTSD by Allen R. Kates, BCECR, MFAW. Find excerpts and news.

How to triumph over panic disorder and get your life back.

By Dave MacEwan. Explains the counselor's new therapy for the treatment of anorexia and bulimia eating disorders; offers key resources, interactive quiz, and free book.

The Bipolar Diet: Managing Mood, Food and Weight by Sarah Freeman. Also contains information on bipolar disorder and personal story.

Bereaved parent,Carla Blowey's intimate account of the healing power of dreams and after-death communications in reconciling the death of her child.

Rebuilding My Life After the Death of My Daughter. A book about bereavement, grief, and loss.

Book and other presentations about surviving the suicide of a loved one.

Author Susan Fuller offers this guide to grieving.

Books and tapes offering treatment for anxiety, agoraphobia, as well as self-esteem.

Resources and bookstore for nurturing healthy families and relationships.

Information on mental health issues such as stress management, phobias and how to stop smoking.

Resources and community based on 'The Disease to Please: Curing the People-Pleasing Syndrome', by Dr. Harriet Braiker. Reviews, excerpts, questions and answers, lists of support groups, chat, bulletin board, quiz and author information.

Self-help book on organizing life through a Seven-Step path.

Information on a practical self-help manual written by Adam Khan. Table of contents, author answers to FAQs, excerpts and reviews.

Michael R. Edelstein. Make lasting changes in the way you think and feel. Tools for overcoming anxiety, stress, depression, addictions, procrastination and relationship problems.

Presents the work of Dr Janov: Primal Therapy, a therapeutic method consisting of helping patients relive childhood pain and feelings.

A Practical Guide to Finding Intimacy, Passion and Peace with a Man.

A book geared for anger management with a Christian perspective. Includes home-study programs, resources, and certificates. Learn how to control anger with God's help.

Written by a registered pharmacist. Attempts to correct mistaken beliefs that both physicians and the lay public have about the causes and treatments of various diseases.

Links, book reviews, free newsletter and other information for 12 Steppers who want to become and stay powerfully recovered. Offers a download of the first 25 pages.

Excerpts from Sterling an Peggy Seagrave's works, which focus primarily on Asian history and the history of Asian diasporic peoples.

History, reference, and genealogical books for the professional and family historian.

A modern compilation of documents from the history of Virginia and the Virginia Company such as charters, proclamations, and sermons, published by Reinhardt Publications. Excerpts provided.

Book sales and articles about home ownership, decorating and gardening.

Information organizers for emergency and disaster preparedness that come with a convenient travel pouch for a easy grab and go solution. ReadyLifeline, ReadyPlan, ReadyHome, ReadyAuto, ReadyVet are all part of the Readybook Series.

A humorous look at the lifestyle differences between adopting a cat and parenting a child.

Books, music and DVDs from Germany for German-speaking children.

A book of plays by Elena Garro, her last novel, and the authorized biography of Elena Garro.

A publisher of books from India with religious and cultural themes.

Religious, social, philosophical, and civil law books related to Iran.